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The Importance of Breastfeeding and Appropriate Complementary Feeding Practices

Exclusive breastfeeding until the completion of the first six months and continued breastfeeding for two years or beyond is essential for optimal child health.

After the completion of six months, along with continued, frequent, on-demand breastfeeding until 2 years of age or beyond, appropriate complementary foods should be introduced.

Infants are particularly vulnerable during the transition period when complementary feeding begins. Ensuring that their nutritional needs are met thus requires that complementary foods be:

  • timely – meaning that they are introduced when the need for energy and nutrients exceeds what can be provided through exclusive and frequent breastfeeding;
  • adequate – meaning that they provide sufficient energy, protein, fat and micronutrients to meet a growing child’s nutritional needs;
  • safe – meaning that they are hygienically stored and prepared, and fed with clean hands using clean utensils and not bottles and teats;
  • properly fed – meaning that they are given consistent with a child’s signals of appetite and satiety, and that meal frequency and feeding method – Actively encourage the child, even during illness, to consume sufficient food using fingers, spoon or self-feeding.Feed infants directly and assist older children when they feed themselves.

Watch: The Importance of Breastfeeding – Public Service Announcement

Watch: The Importance of Breastfeeding – Public Service Announcement